Jon Deng



Hi! I'm Jon, a full stack software engineer specializing in building things for the web with JavaScript and Python. I bring grit, passion, and personal accountability to projects that address a meaningful need. Currently, I'm leveling up at @HackReactor and contributing when I can to @OperationCode. Formerly @USArmy and @HarvardLaw. I like React, Node, blogging, writing bash scripts, climbing, and doing long, wandery trail runs.

While deployed with the U.S. Army, I worked in a division headquarters and my job involved writing the daily Situation Report, the summary of all major events and operations in progress for all of Iraq. However, as I tried to incorporate data and metrics into my reports, I found that much of it was stored on idiosyncratic spreadsheets and rich text documents that I had to spent much of my time manually parsing. I had the good fortune of running into a contract software engineer on my base who convinced me that programming would be a good way to automate these tedious chores and a fun thing to do. The rest is history.

You can find my latest writing here.