Jon Deng

Hi! I'm a full stack developer building things for the web.

I bring grit, passion, and accountability to projects that solve real problems with software. Currently, leveling up at @HackReactor and contributing when I can to @OperationCode. Formerly @USArmy and @HarvardLaw. I like React.js, Node.js, functional programming, blogging, automating with bash scripts, climbing, and doing long, wandery trail runs.

  • September 10, 2016

    A functional guide to getting into Hack Reactor

    TL; DR: To get into Hack Reactor, learning basic Javascript syntax and data structures wasn’t sufficient. In my studying I found it extremely useful to adopt a functional programming perspective that allowed me to practice the following meta-progr...

  • August 27, 2016

    Fueling the 🚀: How I learned to code while deployed to Iraq

    TL; DR: While still in the Army, I went from never having programmed to getting into Hack Reactor. Here is what I learned along the way: Make productivity your default Don’t continue to do things inefficiently Adopt a growth mindset when it suc...